Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy Jar Drawing

     Our classes second assignment was to draw a jar full of candy. I enjoyed drawing it, but it was difficult for me. Shading with colored pencil was troubling. I struggled to make the wrappers look wrinkled and folded. It was also hard to make the candy appear as if it was in the jar. All in all, I am proud of what I did.

Bicycle Drawing

     I enjoyed drawing the bicycle very much. I did not expect to make it look so realistic. Composition was a big thing I learned about in the process. The drawing would look the best it it touched the edges of the paper. Also, I learned how to make the metal look metal, the plastic look plastic, and the rubber look rubber with value. The shading required value also. The only part that was completly white was some parts where the light was hitting. The rest of the time I was trying to find how dark the other parts of the bike should be. Shading the tire was difficult for me since it was a dark color, but I still had to shade it to make it look curved. Like I said in the beginning, I was surprised at how realistic it turned out. The shading lesson really helped me make it look realistic. I was never that good at shading, but after this, I am proud of how I can make my drawings look dimensional.