Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pop Art Print

The pop art print was a very fun project. It involved many steps. First we had to choose an object to draw on a small piece of paper. I drew my running watch and a pair of 3d glasses. Then you had to press it onto a rubber stamp. Then the fun part came. You had to carve to stamp to make you print show up. Then you had to choose colors and put it on the stamp, then stamp it on the paper. I enjoyed to entire process and thought it was one of the most fun projects so far. 

Fortune Cookie Collage

I enjoyed the fortune cookie project. We received 6 fortune cookies and had to make a collage about them. I focused on one specific fortune which was, "You have an active mind and keen imagination." I took that fortune and composed my collage. I enjoyed the process and am satisfied with the way my piece finally turned out. I enjoy making collages. They are a fun way to express yourself through art. 

Art x3

The art x3 project was an interesting one. We had to make a collage and the them was celebrities. We started with one project for 2 days and then gave it away to an anonymous person. You then received a second work from someone else and did the same thing you did with the first. Then you received a third one which you had to finish. I enjoyed the switching. Although I got a bit attached to my first 2 works and didn't really want to give them away, I am happy with the way my final piece turned out.